Recently I was feeling so creatively drained. I felt like every painting I was creating looked identical. I was having a creative block while it felt like all my artist friends around me where selling paintings left and right and finishing masterpieces in just short days.    I began getting anxious. I spend at least 8 hours each day painting, what if I was wasting my time? What if all this time what I thought was learning was actually undoing good habits and creating new bad habits? 

Either way, I was feeling defeated, which is easy to do when you’re an artist. I love painting for the process, but being the best I can be at something is important to me. Because of this, I am hard on myself, but I know that’s to be expected when you have big goals for your future. My goal personally is to pioneer an abstract movement and someday be written about in textbooks that college kids will study in art history courses. I don’t want to just be known in the art world, though. That goal alone wouldn’t be enough. I want to also have my own home décor line at a major department stores with gorgeous bedding sets, cutlery and table settings. I want to be a household name when it comes to contemporary abstract art. Most importantly of all, I want to get so wrapped up in art and painting that I become one with the process. They say a creative life is a happy life, and I wonder what kind of bliss I can continue to achieve by simply getting lost in painting, art and the creative lifestyle.   

This creative block I was having was really draining my positivity. But the hangover cloud of doubt was the real issue, I just had to get past the mental roadback to keep painting. If there's one thing I've learned when it comes to art it's that mistakes are meant to happen, and some of the biggest mistakes can lead to greatness. I need to continue taking risks and when things don't work out, I can try again. There's no harm in painting over a painting! I need to embrace the gesso, and feel fortunate for what I have accomplushed so far. 

 In August I go to North Carolina to do a 3 day painting workshop with artist Amira Rahim. I’m excited to paint with other abstract artists and get to know some of my peers in the art world. I absolutely love the friendship that comes along with the art community. Artists are some of the most intelligent, vibrant and kind people I know and recently I’ve met so many artists on Instagram. I’m really enjoying trading tips, sharing my experiences and getting inspired from others’ artwork.   Are you on Instagram? Let’s connect and keep up. My profile is here:     The moral of this week’s story is keep trying. Don’t give up. If you love something you’re talented at, keep it up. Just do what makes you happy!    If you haven't found a hobby or talent that makes you happy, keep searching. There's something out there for everyone. Once you find your bliss, don't look back!

 Thanks for stopping by my online storefront! - Leah