Contemporary Abstract Expressionism in Ann Arbor

Welcome! I’m Leah, an abstract expressionist that creates colorful art to warm your home and your heart.

Throughout my childhood, reading and writing were how I expressed myself. While studying for my masters degree, I discovered art as a reprieve from my dissertation. Soon, I was painting with watercolors ever day and I realized I couldn’t put my paintbrush down. In 2015, I completed my degree and returned to Michigan with a new found talent and passion for art in all of its forms. The next year, I moved to San Francisco and I really felt at home and inspired in California. I started taking more risks with my art and changed my medium to acrylic as my goals became clear - I wanted my work to be featured in galleries so it could be enjoyed by all. I began taking my painting to weekly shows in the Bay Area and it immediately gave me courage as an artist which encouraged me to continue to experiment and have fun with my art.

This year I moved back to Michigan for a second time and I’m now enjoying the local art scene. I am so grateful for the tremendous outpouring of love and support I've received from both Michiganders and (via social media) from my fellow art-lovers around the globe. Each day I create for the process, because the process of making a painting is cathartic and pure. When others find my paintings as beautiful as I do, it gives me a deep satisfaction. It would be a great privilege to have my art featured in your home!I welcome commissions, so if you have an idea or just want to know more about my art, send an email to me anytime at leah(AT)

Can't wait to hear from you! Leah

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